The inception of MODL Behavior is a passion project long in the making. Modeling is an art form - a craft to perfect and master.  In an industry that is notorious for its cutthroat nature, we strive to create a space to make it easy to collaborate and empower each other.  

To us there is a beautiful magic in the world of Beauty & Fashion - here we share our stories.

 Meg Akim, Founder & Chief Creative Officer 

Meg Akim, Founder & Chief Creative Officer 

Meg Akim, The Founding Visionary

Be fiercely loyal to yourself. And remember; fashion is the art, you are the canvas. 

Fashion Model, Mentor, Network Coordinator, Advocate for Healthy Beauty

I created this space because this is the resource I wish I had when I started modeling at age 13.  This blog is my "Dear 13-year-old Me" Letter.  My first time in front of a camera was an entirely exhilarating experience but just as stressful--I had no idea what to expect or what to do!  Now that I am order and wiser, and 1,000 modeling mistakes later, I've decided to channel and share my floppers to show-stoppers.  I hope both my mistakes and successes will be helpful on your personal modeling journey. 

 Shaneika Aguilar, Our Beloved Visual Alchemist

Shaneika Aguilar, Our Beloved Visual Alchemist

Shaneika Aguilar, The Visual Alchemist  

Don't just capture the moments, but tell the stories behind them.

Fashion, Lifestyle, Music, Weddings, Portrait, Editorial, Commercial and Events

I am a visual creator specializing in the art of photography and videography. I am also based in Honolulu, Hawaii. It is my belief that capturing the essence of the fleeting reality is as liberating beyond anything else. The world is constantly changing and I am blessed to capture the beauty that surrounds us.

 Gray, "Web Widow" & Consultant.

Gray, "Web Widow" & Consultant.

Gray, The Web Widow

Design "brilliance" to be founded upon & learn to maintain that foundation with the comprehensive knowledge to do so.

Web/Logo Design, Content Creation, Marketing Strategy, and Business Consulting

As a Hawaiian, who was born in Dallas, then raised between there and Honolulu... I am a balanced mix of the two; the open spirit of my Island Mother and the driven energy of my Midwestern Father. Life isn't black and white; its a myriad of Gray - and there's an edge to being aware of that.