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Q: Can short girls model?

A: I'm going to answer this question with a question. What are your goals for modeling? Are you expecting to become a runway model in New York or would you like to model in television commercials? Do you want to model part-time or make it a full-time career?
Ask yourself questions that will help you clarify what you want out of modeling. Short models do have a place in the industry, they are called "petite" models. Brands like Victoria Secrets have strict measurements they adhere to so you'd be out of luck if that was your only goal. I'd like to challenge you to think outside the typical "Victoria Secrets" goal. 
Think:  What specifically about that type of modeling excites you more? Is it that you like swimsuit modeling? Or the runway aspect? 
Knowing your niche is key to finding success. A petite model could more easily find work as a swimsuit model than a runway model. There are generally 12 types of models. Click here to read that blog post detailing the different niches in the modeling industry.
I'm not going to sugar coat it -- there will be more frequent job opportunities for models 5'9" - 5'11" generally, however, social media has changed the game. Platforms like Instagram have blown open doors to modeling opportunities for the nontraditional model. So really... it goes back to -- What are your goals and what specifically do you want out of modeling? I've created you a worksheet to help you ask yourself questions, navigate your personal goals, and find direction moving forward. Download it below. Hope it helps!


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Q: Who pays for the travel expenses?

A: Every client is different. The clients with the budget to do so will fly the model and pay for the model's trip. There are also smaller companies that may not have the budget to do so and will ask the model to pay for traveling expenses. If you find yourself in this situation, think of yourself as a business. Weigh the pros and cons to this decision before committing to the shoot. This is why finding representation with a good agency can be a good move. The business talk is left to the agent to negotiate and determine what are worthwhile opportunities. 


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