Handy Resource Page

Bookmark this page, dolls.  Add to the conversation, test your knowledge, and browse the shopping tips passed along from model to model.


MODL Hashtags | Add to the Conversation 

Here is the official guide to MODL hashtags. Definitions and instructions all laid out nice and neat!  Find us and more of the community by using our hashtags. See you on the socials!  And don't forget to follow.


Learn the Lingo from A to Z

Be in the know by reviewing these industry terms in your free time.  We've made it easy to use by creating a click-through image gallery we add to weekly.  Have a pinterest account? Pin these up if you find the content useful--and share the love across the Pin-iverse!   


Shop MODL Bag Must-Haves  

There are some basic items to make sure you own before stepping foot at your modeling gig.  We have collected the Amazon links here for easy reference.  Shop around to find the best deals in your area... we just have a love affair with AmazonFashion.