What Type of Model are You?

What type of modeling are you suited for?  Even though most people think of models as the rail thin girls posing in Vogue or walking on the runway, nowadays, there are all types of modeling that don't require you to 5'10" and 34"-23"-34" figure.

The definition of the "ideal model" varies from geographic location and is ever changing so don't let one beauty ideal restrict you from discovering your modeling niche. The best way to figure what type of modeling works best for you is to figure out your beauty strengths

Remember, models are like paint. Sometimes the artist wants to paint in blue, sometimes in red and sometimes in bright yellow. You, as a model, are one part of the art piece the artist is creating. So I say... be you and slay.

Take a look at the inforgraphic below to help you figure out what type of modeling is best for you. >> DM us on Instagram if you need help figuring out your beauty strengths (and if the parentals haven't let you get Instagram account yet, email us!)

Why Coconut Oil Rocks my Socks

Why Coconut Oil Rocks my Socks