Beauty Food & Fitness Club | How to Achieve Beauty through Sleep

Beauty Food & Fitness Club | How to Achieve Beauty through Sleep

Turn that tea kettle on, choose a nice calming (non caffeinated brew), and relax a moment with me. Today we are learning how to achieve beauty through sleep.  As a model your skin is a tool of your trade.  Without good skin you may not book that next modeling gig you've been working toward.  

Let's face it.  To be able to slip into a deep state of slumber is no longer an automatic achievement.  For many of us, it is a skill to "turn on sleep" and turn off the world.  We live in cities that never sleep and cellphones that never disconnect, no wonder our minds find it hard to unwind.  We have fallen out of step with natural cycles, and thus our body cycles are all out of wack. Luckily, I have found it isn't too hard to find your way back.  It just takes a bit of practice AND making sleep a priority. 

How to  channel your inner Sleeping Beauty.

Simply put-- make it a goal to sleep deeply. Good, basic sleep hygiene is something many of us are severely lacking.  I find it extremely hard to wind down at night and go to sleep at a reasonable hour.  My mind is consistently going, thinking of the many tasks left to be done.  I say to myself that "I'm just not tired yet" or "I'll go to bed earlier tomorrow night" but the truth is my body is screaming for sleep and I'm ignoring it.  Sleep hygiene starts now. 

Where do sleep and beauty cross?  

  • Skin (warding off wrinkles, dark circles under eyes, pimples)
  • Weight Maintenance

Steps to I Used to Improve My Sleeping Patterns:  

#1 EXERCISE but not too close to your set bedtime. 

#2 "WARM DOWN" TO SLEEP.  start going to bed 30mins before you actually want to go to bed.  This time is used as the warm down from the day, allowing your body to recognize it is time to go to sleep. 

#3 LEARN YOUR LIQUIDS. avoid caffeine and limit liquid close to bedtime.

#4 TURN OFF YOUR PHONE 30 mins BEFORE GOING TO BED.  yes, put your phone to bed before you go to bed. Mentally, you will get in the habit of allowing yourself that disconnection.

#5 LIMIT THE NOISE and DIM THE LIGHTS. live in a noisy city with both sound and light pollution? Earplugs and sleep masks. 

#6 SET A TIME TO WAKE UP & Eat within 30mins of Waking.  Eating is a signal to your body that helps establish or reestablish a body clock. 

#7 FIND WHAT WORKS FOR YOU AND STICK TO IT.  What wines you down? Tea works for me. *Word of advice:  Don't drink an hour or so before going to bed so that you can sleep solidly through the night without having to get up to use the bathroom. (Small bladders beware!) 

Struggles with Resetting my body clock.

Coaxing my busy mind into feeling sleepy still feels impossible. Although, I have vastly improved my sleep since before this particular blog challenge (from 5 hours per night, back up to 7.5/8 hours per night), I still have a long way to go in being self disciplined!  

Penny for your Thoughts: 

Do you struggle with sticking to a bedtime? And is there something you’ve done, or some advice you’ve received, that has helped you?

Please leave me a comment below to let me know, I’d love to hear from you!

xxo, MEG

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