3 Useful Tips for Models Who Are Beginners

What are the basic things you need to know as a model?  

 My answer is pretty simple. I learned you need to be professional, be prepared, and honestly be willing to learn through trail and error. There is no right or wrong way to model  per say... But there are some basic skills to have to impress the company you are working for, to build your reputation, and succeed in the modeling industry. If you are interested in modeling world, the first thing you are going to have to know is how to be professional.  What exactly does that mean? It means to represent your agency well by being on time, coming clean and well groomed and listen well to instruction.  The second thing to know is to be prepared.  Usually your agent will send you an email with detailed instructions about the modeling gig. This might include what shoes to bring, whether to come "hair and makeup ready" or "clean face."  Didn't get an email with details?  Text or email your agent and ask.  Don't be afraid to request details for the job!  And lastly, 

You are constantly learning on the job when you are a model.

Try your best and be willing to learn through trail and error. 




This means... +be polished +be polite +be prompt


Expect the unexpected, dolls.

Come with a model bag with the bare essentials: +button down shirt (easy to take on and off) + 1 pair of comfy high heels (black or nude) at least 3 inches +small makeup bag with +powder +mascara +lipgloss, +nipple petals +nude thong +small snack +water 


More in-depth blog posts to come elaborating on Modeling Basics!



Do you have a specific question about modeling basics? Or is there something you’ve done, or some advice you’ve received, that has helped you -- that you think should be included?

Please leave me a comment below to let me know, I’d love to hear from you!

xxo, Meg

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