BTS Tips from the University of Hawaii Fashion Show

BTS Tips from the University of Hawaii Fashion Show

Ah fashion shows, the glitz and glam of modeling. If you were to ask a young girl to show you what she imagined when she heard the word "modeling." she would likely get up and walk with a sassy sway as she pretends to be a model on a catwalk.

To those unfamiliar with modeling, walking in a runway show may be deemed as easy, but trust me, there's so much more than meets the eye when it comes to walking in a runway show. 

First off, it's important that the model have a good relationship with the designer of the clothes he/she is modeling, if possible. By getting to know the concept and is-oration for the clothing from the designer, this helps you the model understand the fashions better, therefore helping you to model it more genuinely and effectively to captivate the audience. I just recently walked in the UH Manoa fashion show.

This fashion show was showcasing the final projects of the senior designers taking a fashion course at the university. The strident I was modeling for was a girl buy the name of Franie. She chose me to close her collection with one of her most stringing pieces - a long white strapless gown. The concept of her all white garment collection was "Demons disguised as angels".

Although we were wearing white dresses, the makeup we wore was dark, including dark black lips. Rather than just simply wearing her design, I did my best to channel the idea of a demon disguised as an angel. When I walked on the runway, I did my best to hold a composure of elegance and poise, while at the same time channeling my inner demon by holding an intense stare in my eyes.

This is what I'm talking about - get to know the story of your garment - not only will it be more fun to walk the runway with a purpose, but you will make the designer proud as you help their vision come to life.     

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Fashion shows are a crazy concept if you ask me. Hours and hours of waiting, professional hair and makeup done to perfection, and the months long work of the designers, all put together on the model only to be seen by merely 30 seconds on the runway - only to disappear behind the curtain forever.

This can often be deemed as frustrating for a new model, especially if you can be impatient like me.

Rather than loathing the hours of preparation put into a fashion show, take this time to become acquainted with fellow models.

You can learn so much from simply talking with those more experienced than you, and you might even make a friend. (:       

Stay true to you!  

xo Malia Powers (:*  ~ always going places ~

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