Modeling: First Time to New York

Modeling: First Time to New York

Last week I had the privilege of finally getting to visit New York City, the hub of fashion and success, for the very first time.

I must admit, NYC wasn't what I expected.

Everyone was extremely nice and welcoming despite what I had been told. It's no wonder why they call this place "The Big Apple." There were so many smart, intellectual, driven people that were determined to succeed in life. I knew I had come to the right place.

Quick Top 3 must go to spots in NYC:

  • Carmine’s in time’s square has AMAZING Italian food! Their fresh mussels were my favorite but I gotta admit that their eggplant parmesan was unlike any other I’ve ever tried!

  • “Eatily” located in Soho is as if you just took a trip to Italy itself! Super yummy pizzas, gelato, assortment of cheeses and other exotic Italian goods straight form the source!

  • Chealsea’s market is a cute area to hangout and grab a bite. Love the friendly atmosphere and cute jewelry venders there

    The entire week I spent in NYC consisted of running around hopping on and off of the subways and weaving my way through the sea of people to meet multiple modeling agencies.

I met 18 agencies over the course of 5 days!

From some of the world's top agencies such as IMG and Next, to smaller ones such as Marylin and Heroes, I got to spend some one on one interview time with important people involved in the industry. I must admit, I was truly surprised at how deeply the agencies cared about my personal interests and passions outside of the modeling world.

They explained how there are no shortage of pretty girls, and that modern modeling has recently taken a turn as far as what they look for in a model.

Personality is extremely important when it comes to signing with a good agency. They were much more interested in my personal life and hobbies than my weight or measurements. They expressed how a lot of their models are philanthropists and humanists who have other career goals outside of modeling.

The reason it is important that a model have other passions is that singing with a big agency can truly open up doors of opportunities in realms separate from the modeling world. For example, I expressed to the agencies how one of my many passions included cooking. They mentioned how they can help me with that aspect of my life by introducing me to the director of a cooking magazine and even suggest that they feature one of my recipe as a page in the magazine along with a photo of me and my creation. This is just one small example of the many ways a modeling agency can help you as a model grow inward as well as outward.

5 things to pack when going to NYC to model

  • Heels!

  • Makeup essentials

  • Sewing kit (in case your clothes rip right before your interview. Trust me, it happens)

  • Warm jacket (depending on what time of your you go, this is a must)

  • Comfortable shoes (you're going to be doing a lot of walking around

I was truly impressed by the genuinity of the agencies and their interest in the model's personality and hobbies just as equally, if not more than their appearance.

Modeling as a social industry.

As a model, it's imperative that you be able to interact positively with clients so that not only the works turns out better, but you have fun doing it.

Never forget,
Primary reality is within, secondary reality is without

Take the time to pursue your passions and what makes you happy.
If you get the inside right, then everything else will fall into place.

Stay Unique,

Have an amazing day

Xo Malia Powers


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