Modeling: Perception vs. Reality

Modeling: Perception vs. Reality

Ok- so you want to be a model. But do you have what it takes? Modeling isn’t just about being a pretty face frolicking on the beach and looking like perfection (ok- maybe there’s a little of that), but there’s also a lot of GRIT! There’s a lot that goes into getting that perfect bod and maintaining a pretty smile and happy face after hours and hours of shooting. Sure, you might have a crew on set- catering to your every need. On a few shoots I’ve had someone carrying an umbrella following my every footstep and I couldn’t help but chuckle.  I felt like Pdiddy and I was t-minus 5 seconds from busting out in a harlem shake.

But, modeling isn’t just about being pampered and feeling glamourous- it requires hard work, persistence, and resilience.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you have the discipline to exercise 1-2-3-4-5 times/ a week? *Whatever it takes to get your body lean and slim*


  • Do you have the discipline to eat healthy and take care of your skin?


  • Can you wake up at the butt crack of dawn and show up with a smile?


  • Can you maintain that smile after hours of shooting when your enthusiasm is beginning to wane?


  • Can you develop thick skin? Everything from the length of your toes to the space between your eyebrows is going to be noticed, judged, and critiqued.


  • Can you look at a picture you hate and get over the fact that it’s posted all over social media or live forever in a print?


  • Can you handle the multiple personalities on set?


  • Can you handle the fear, rejection, isolation and constant scrutiny that sometimes comes with the territory?


  • Relationships will be tested- your family, friends, boyfriend etc will have their opinions about your new career and it will not always be positive. Do you believe in what you do and can you stand by it?


Of course, in modeling there are amazing moments like getting your hair and makeup done, walking the runway, seeing your pictures in magazines etc., but there is also a lot that goes behind making these moments possible and they’re not always fun.


Look at the pictures below:

Lovely picture, right? But, look close- I have scratches all over my arms. What you might see on Instagram is a beautiful retouched image. But, what you don’t know is that a big wave came crashing in earlier in the day (yes, I attempted two shoots in one day and I don’t recommend it) and knocked me over! I fell on some unforgiving lava rocks and as I struggled to get up, I scratched my arms, legs and feet all over the rocks. I’m not gonna lie- it was pretty gnarly and I was scared that I would be taken in by the waves. The shore breaks were huge that day and I should have practiced better judgement. Many tourists get injured and even die here and I’m just lucky I came out with a few scratches.

With that being said, it’s important to note that this is not exactly an easy trade and you can’t always believe what you see and hear. It can be tough work, but if you have the passion, drive and knack for it you will have lots of fun and be rewarded in many ways. Good luck! ;)    

Mudra // @mudra_love

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