Loving the Job

Valentine's Day is all about things you love. Whether you've found the love of your life or are enjoying the single life, this time of year is great to reflect on solid friendships, memorable events, or other aspects that have added color and love to your life.

One thing I've decided to appreciate this Valentines day is the opportunities and friends the modeling industry has opened up for me.

No matter what field of work you find yourself in, there will always be those individuals who stand out to you and make your work experience even more genuine, enjoyable, and therefore productive.

One of my favorite modeling jobs I've recently done was for the opening night of the Hermes store at Ala Moana. It was an informal modeling opportunity to greet and interact with guests at the event. I ended up meeting some amazing people and having a splendid time.

I initially came to the job early and was waiting outside the store when I bumped into Meg who was also working for Hermes that evening. We decided to make use of our time and grab a coffee at a nearby coffee shop before we began our long night. This quick coffee stop ended up sparking conversation and inspiration as Meg shared with me her ides for MODL Behavior and asked if I would be interested in writing for the blog. I was truly ecstatic since I myself had been dying to eventually get my own blog up and running and I now had a great stepping stone to do just that.

Pay attention to the opportunities which come your way, you may realize that they're closer than you might think.

I've always said that I don't want to work for people, I want to work with people.

Now how can you not love that?

Malia // @malia_powers 

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