Don't be afraid to Demand what you want 

Don't be afraid to Demand what you want 

It was 11:30a.m. in my physics class. I anxiously glared at the devious clock as my mind buzzed with ways to get out of here. Don't get me wrong, I love to learn, but today was one of those days my mind fog heavily resented the classroom atmosphere. I'm just a few days away from graduation, and the urge to move onto bigger things was knawing at me so profoundly I was beggining to develop a serious headache. 

I had a bad case of what I would call "Seinoritis" - no motivation to sit in a classroom, I just needed to escape... It's not like we were learning anything that afternoon anyways.

The class period had been designated to work on our final projects, mine of which, was already completed.

I asked the universe for a way out.
"Maybe a fire alarm, or even an earthquake." I was really desperate.
Then my plea for help was answered.

I glanced at my phone and saw that I had just received a message. It was from Harold, an amazing Photographer who I had previously worked with for Downtown Magazine. He said an amazing opportunity had just opened up and asked if I was immediately available. When I heard it would be a shoot in a $37 million apartment wearing head to toe designer clothes, I knew I couldn't resist.
I hastily contacted my mom to get her approval to leave class, and sure enough I got the green flag.

I burst out of my physics class with absolute joy as if I had just been released from prison.

I couldn't help but skip down the halls with a huge smile and shake my head at what had just manifested. There I was, trying to find a way to get out of class, and here I was, rewarded with something far greater than I could've imagined.

I have to admit, its a pretty amazing feeling. 

Never loose faith in the power of your thoughts. If you ask the universe for something with positive intentions, then  more than likely, you will be rewarded.

This particular shoot was great fun and definitely one of the more interesting. Because the clothes I was wearing were so expensive and the location so exclusive, I had an entire entourage of people observing the shooting process. It is a little unnerving to have about 10 other people watch you interact with the camera, but at the same time it pushed me even further to remove all doubts of myself and lack of confidence from the equation.  I don't think people realize how much work goes on behind the scenes during Magazine shoots.  After every couple shots, the hair or makeup artist would come and do touch ups. I think it's amazing because it brings so many people with unique talents  to create something beautiful to look at that often tells a story. 

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