How to Not Stress about Keeping up with your New Years Resolutions and conquer YOUR goals!

How to Not Stress about Keeping up with your New Years Resolutions and conquer YOUR goals!

January is a month of reflection and change. We think a lot about our New Year goals and often stress about how well we're keeping up with them. A new year can feel like a reset button, but sometimes we set goals that are too big and just aren’t right for us.

Research tells us that 92% of New Year's resolutions fail. So don't worry if you find yourself torn between past promises, you're not alone.

There is absolutely no reason to feeling bad about yourself or give up.

How often do you hear someone say, "Someday I will..." or "When I have time, I’ll get around to..."? - Wayyy too often if you ask me.

We spend so much time living in a dream of the future, when all we have is the eternal present moment. Think about it.

The present moment is all you'll ever have. There is never a time when life is not "this moment".

Every day is a new day and a chance for a new beginning, not just the first day of the year. You can make Daily Resolutions, not just New Year Resolutions. Any day is suitable for making them.

Regard each day as the beginning of your new, better, and happier life. Start every day of the year with feelings of happiness and with the anticipation that great and wonderful things are going to happen.


Here are 3 tips to help keep you on track for setting amazing goals for yourself

1. Do something today that you've always said you would "Get around to".
Whether you want to start doing yoga, read more often, spend some time reconnecting with an old friend, or start a journal, the best way to do it is to do it, and the best time to start is now. Yes, now. Go ahead, what are you waiting for? Initiate it. Make it happen. You have the power to create your own reality.

2. Quit seeking approval from others
I often tell people that comparison is the fastest  way to takes the fun out of life.
You are the only one there is and will ever be. When we constantly seek the approval and opinions of others, we are depriving the world of who its is we really are because we are letting other people's views shape our actions. When we are our truest selves, we attract people and opportunities that align with who we really are and our real goals.

3. Visualize - seeing is believing
Visualization is a phenomenal tool. How does the best version of you appear when you close your eyes? How do you look, sound, feel? Where are you? What are you doing?
Every day, restate and visualize your goals and your decisions for a new, happy and successful life. At the same time, be open to new ideas and opportunities, and for ways to achieve your goals.
I'm sure you've all heard the popular phrase "mind over matter".  There's a lot of truth to this.
The circumstances of your life, such as your position at work or in relationships - this is what I like to refer to as the physical realm, or the outer world.
How you are within the outer world is in many ways dependent on the internal world you create for yourself each and every day.

When you visualize where you want to be in life, you are activating a subconscious process within your brain that sets the intention into the world for real change to happen.

Primary reality is within, secondary reality is without.

Whatever you want next, it’s in your reach, just as soon as you refuse to live life as a shadow version of who you truly are and accept the magnificence inside of you. How will you truly seize this moment and make it the best year ever? What are the risks you’ll take and the goals you’ll set?

The outcome is entirely up to you.

xo - Malia (:* // @malia_powers

“Every day is a new beginning. Treat it that way. Stay away from what might have been, and look at what can be.”

— Marsha Petrie Sue

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