Beauty Food & Fitness Club | 5 Morning Routines to Get You Started for an Awesome Day!

Excited to give you all a sneak peak of our guest blogger for 2017, Malia Power!  She is going to share with us her 5 Morning Routines.

5 Morning Routines to get you started for an awesome day!

We often don't dedicate enough time to ourselves in the morning. If you're like most people, then you probably sleep in as much as possible and quickly scramble to get ready for your day.
There's a reason why successful people get up early in the morning.
Morning routines not only instill a sense of purpose, peace, and ritual into your day, but they ensure that you’re getting your goals accomplished and give you a solid foundation for whatever the day throws at you.

1. Get moving!

Getting up easily isn't always easy, however you're not doing yourself a favor by rolling around in bed fighting the urge to fall back asleep. Once you're up, you might as well get up!
As soon as I hear my alarm, I make it a habit to literally JUMP out of bed at that moment before my mind can tell me otherwise.
It's the simple law of physics : An object at rest will remain at rest and an object in motion will remain in motion.

2. Stay away from your phone

Hold off on the email and social networks. You have an entire day to check your Facebook and read the spam you got overnight. It’ll be hard at first, but it’s worth it.
Dedicate your morning to YOU, and not anybody else.

3. Do some light stretching

There are sooo many benefits to stretching first thing in the morning, even if you're not that flexible! Besides being relaxing and helping to shake off that morning stiffness, stretching can help improve your posture, body aches and increase blood flow - which will lead to you feeling more energized! So what are you waiting for? Get stretching! Your body will thank you!

4. Start  your morning by drinking warm lemon water

Every morning I squeeze fresh lemon juice into my tea to help kickstart my digestive system. The citric acid in lemons contains numerous health benefits such as increase liver function, boosts your metabolism, revitalizes your skin, help control hunger cravings, and increases immune function.

Great mornings aren’t just for “morning people.” They’re created consciously. Make yours awesome.

xo -Malia // @malia_powers

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