Top 4 Apps to Download for Photo Editing

Top 4 Apps to Download for Photo Editing

I broke up with my Android and now with an iPhone 7plus. So in honor of my new phone I thought I'd share the top 4 apps friends in the modeling industry download for photo editing. Votes are in--the secret is out!

#1 Snapseed 

Google bought this app so you know it's got to be good. Congrats to the coder who designed this app. Super user friendly. Gets the job done.



Mini version of the professional program. This gem of an app will give you that professional photographers filter effect. 


#3 Facetune

Airbrushing tool at the tip of your fingers. Pimple be gone, tired eye be gone. I wish there was something as easy as FaceTune for real life!


#4 WordSwag 

My personal favorite, WordSwag. Sets typeface onto photos taken gaining that polished post in a matter of seconds. Inspirational quotes with a fun picture of the beach in the background can add to the diversity of your instagram feed. 


Weekly Challenge -

Show us your mastery of editing of photography apps! Take a photo. Edit it up and tag us in your post. #MODLife.

Tip or Trick -

Don't like your cell phone screen cluttered with apps? Create a folder by pressing and holding down on your app and overlapping with another app you'd like to group together. How very tidy of you! 

Penny for Your Thoughts

We are thinking of creating a tutorial on how to use these apps.  Out of the four apps we suggested what app you enjoy?  



xo. Meg

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