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A Brief History

More than 10 years ago when I first started modeling, I had no clue what I was doing.  I felt...well I felt awkward.  Questions would run through my mind... Was I modeling correctly?  Was there anything I could do to become better for the next job?  Is trail and error the only way to learn in the modeling industry?  

I wanted to have a successful modeling career and to do that I needed to perfect my craft--But how?  Who was going to teach me?

To be honest, I learned mostly from photographers who would angle me and tweak my body position to get that perfect shot.  I started studying the photographs taken to learn what was the desired image --what were they looking for?  

MODL Behavior first started as a personal collection of anecdotes swapped between myself and my model friends

One day, a newly signed model confessed to me that she wished she had somewhere online to visit or someone to learn from.  I joked that maybe I'd make a blog on how models should be prepared --The basics.  

Honestly, I didn't know if it was something others would find valuable. But where there is a vibe there is a tribe--and I quickly learned there were many girls (and guys!) who felt a lack of information. So I decided to fill that void. 

Build what you wish you had.

That is exactly what I set my mind to do.  So the official collection of tidbits began.  I wrote a little something down after each modeling gig. I asked friends who I had modeling gigs with to hear their stories.  

Before I knew it, there was more than enough to start a blog. I wanted to make sure to pass along the info in a visually appealing way...so I reached out to collaborate with two other very talented boss ladies, Shaneika Aguliar & Zazuki Ragde (affectionately nicknamed Zaz). Now we cover a wide range of modeling topics and have 19 model contributors and counting.